The reasons and Countermeasures of reducing Taobao passenger revenue

since the bidding advertising has forced Taobao off then, how to deal with the end of hills and rivers,? The author to share some tips here.

1. choose long tail keywords. Usually we are advocating do long tail keywords, long tail keywords because not only easy to do, but the precise flow, the conversion rate is very high. However, here I suggest that you choose the long tail keywords, it is because I found that PPC is less involved in most of the long tail keywords. This is because of the long tail keywords very much, the auction advertisement may not get in by every opening gave Taobao customers, an opportunity.

recently I found myself a Taobao customer website income reduced, asked only to find a lot of friends around the existence of this problem. Hey, ranking not out, how will reduce income? In the exclusion of the website itself and Taobao business reasons later, I found the problem. Today is to analyze Taobao passenger revenue reduce the causes and coping strategies.


as above, is one of the key words Taobao off site. The word itself love Shanghai index less than 100, but up to at least 3 ppc. This is the reason why the author reduced flow: PPC increased, the user is equivalent to the website ranking drop. Because I love the practice of Shanghai make it difficult for users to distinguish normal and PPC rankings, leading to the normal rank but it is difficult to get effective traffic in the first site. This is why a lot of Taobao passenger revenue reduction.

as in the example is a good proof. In fact, "pillow" and "sleep pillow" with similar meaning, but the conversion rate will be higher. The most important thing is that the latter not bidding competition and we are currently in the first row, home is not the website. So from the long tail keywords to start, is a good way to do Taobao customers.

is strange, the author through the webmaster tools query, found that the site was not. Then I wonder: ranking did not flow away, how good so much less? So I love Shanghai to check the keywords, but a surprise.

2. website title and description can be appropriate to use some special symbols. The so-called special symbols, refers to the special symbols appear in the love of Shanghai Post Bar common advertising posts in the eye-catching, such as star symbols. The use of this symbol, perhaps in the pure Shanghai Longfeng perspective, is not what role, but can play a role on the eye-catching in a certain extent



found less income, first look at Taobao background hits, found a lot less than usual. With the view of the site traffic statistics, found also greatly reduced. After excluding the space problem, I lock the site most of the traffic source: love Shanghai.

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