From the love of Shanghai right shift left about promotion



(1) on the right side of the left shift love Shanghai promotion like

second, consider advertisers feel, advertisers certainly hope that the clickthrough rate is good, remember advertisers need effective user click rate, conversion rate, and the advertising position left shift, apparently can increase the user’s CTR, but more clicks from late, and this number was increased can only increase the cost of advertisers, but can not bring benefits to advertisers, so for advertisers, it will consider the click rate, delay rate and conversion rate, through statistics and analysis, if advertisers find their interests can be increased, so advertisers will not have an opinion, on the other hand, advertisers will have a great prejudice to love Shanghai, love Shanghai may either be to lower the cost of bidding, or will to love Shanghai re placed ads A.

(2) on the right side of the left shift love Shanghai promotion, who will benefit from

love Shanghai has been claimed to love Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, are standing on the perspective of the user experience, but "love Shanghai right to extend the left shift phenomenon", Ye Dehua had not seen from the relevant clues to improve the user experience. First of all, love Shanghai right promotion of this change, for computer users with a low resolution setting is not changed, because my computer resolution is 1366*768, can clearly see the promotion of right shift right by a large margin. In the above, we can see that the original promotion position should be in the A position, but has now changed to B position. Undoubtedly, the position of the Shanghai love promotion movement, obviously effectively increases the possibility of users click on the promotion link, simply love the interests of Shanghai has been further improved.

a few days ago to a friend about the right position to promote love Shanghai changed, then I looked really love Shanghai’s right to promote a whole move to the left, on the right side of the promotion of Shanghai recently online love left shift the topic of hot chat, some of the views below Ye Dehua would like to talk about his.

first, should consider the user experience, for computer users with a low resolution setting, usually do not see this change, I tried to look at the effect of moving in various resolutions, can clearly find the resolution of 800*600, love Shanghai promotion position has not changed, and the rest of the resolution just a tiny move for 1366*768 or higher resolution can be found to the left of the computer, the phenomenon is more obvious. Consider from the user’s point of view, the user is usually not willing to see the ads, so the advertisement position is not into the user’s view on the right is better, more better, and this love Shanghai the right position to promote left shift obviously to a certain extent affect the user experience.


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