A knife search engine optimization should pay more attention to the brand marketing

and with user network skills, before the purchase, the user in the form of a company name + search, prior knowledge of company reputation. If it is found that the negative news too much, it will undoubtedly affect the final transaction. The impact of Internet plus Commerce on business behavior is enormous, it is produced as Ma Yun said, the emergence of new commercial civilization. The three sentence does not leave the bank, from our observation of the search engine also found that enterprise reputation for the enterprise search engine ranking has certain influence. Because of personal expression ability is limited, but I also try to let you webmaster friends can read everything I say, and the center of. The knife also hope to know more and more senior practitioners of the new Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon optimization group: 68204508.

search engine optimization from the point of view, we believe that the current traditional enterprises should take attention to the enterprise network brand image, especially in the search engine brand image. The search engine for a big promotion is the traditional business, if your product or service there is a big problem, so the user can search the information on the Internet completely. The traditional business behavior, user complaints to the business after business of processing, negative information rarely spread, people from the rest.

, interactive group SNS platform, user reviews for any business, will be included in the search engine. And the Internet has spread fast, wide, and as long as it is happened, even the perfect deal. But on the Internet, you can still search to.

knife article by foreign investment transactions (贵族宝贝tianxiafx贵族宝贝) network, the first A5.


change rapidly, until now, the network has penetrated into every enterprise and family. From the perspective of e-commerce, the Internet is more disruptive to the traditional business innovation. From the early traditional enterprises realize that companies need to have a website, to now urgent need to find the website promotion way. I am engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry also has a few days, various industries from exposure to the business point of view, most of the industry know the network marketing, search engine marketing, know the website construction, need to do under the Shanghai dragon optimization, in order to increase website traffic. We believe that it is the development of the traditional enterprise network marketing is the way of the third stages, namely the enterprise network brand image construction. The first stage is the enterprise know the product or service to the Internet; the second stage is the enterprise to know the network promotion; then, the third stage is the enterprise network brand construction.

There are a variety of websites on the Internet forum, The development of the Internet

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