Case analysis of how to identify the chain is the chain

is the construction site outside the chain of friends should have this question, my chain effective? The author probes into the high quality of the chain of standards said two property chain must have, 1, the chain must be effective, 2, the chain page must be searched Pastebin, so how do we check whether our chain is the chain, through the domain: domain name, if so, on the N page to find the chain itself is a painful thing, today I will share with you, if the simple and effective query chain is effective the chain.

on this instruction that information suggest that you go to love Shanghai. Detailed understanding, here the author not everybody in detail. Based on the Admin5 network as an example, how to share the author by combining these three instructions and we query the chain is effective.


inulr:inulr is

XXX "command to search engines including URL lookup


command through the search query, you know what the chain is effective, which the chain is included in the search engine, it will facilitate your own improvement on the construction of the chain, the chain to shorten construction time, reduce the useless work,

before the share, home to share the chain of knowledge chain and everyone, we usually say that there are 3 three, 1, 2, anchor text links, links, 3, pure text links, I share with you is how to query the hyperlink and text links. First we need to introduce the use of search engine command

domain: (domain name space) inurl: the ULR of the website, you can query the left in this link to the site, which is included in the search engine, so convenient for which not included page learning.

note: pure text links, are generally effective, if the chain pages indexed by search engines, so the >

domain: domain name (space) intitle: news headlines, often in the submission site submission of friends, you can also use this command, so you can get to how many people reprint your article and take the URL, this command can turn you the effective probability of detection which site is relatively large,


domain+ – the domain name believe this command we are very familiar with, not everyone here is a detailed description of the


intitle:intitle is a senior in Shanghai Longfeng search instructions, instructions to return the page contains keywords in the page title.

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