Shanghai dragon image optimization how to do Let the picture to optimize website hyperchromic

is an excellent website to give visitors a good impression, not only reflected in the wording of the right words, more important is the need to high quality pictures in website optimization collocation! Therefore, we should not only learn to write the original article, but also in the optimization of the picture, but also need to invest enough energy to study. However, through my observation, many novice contact site optimization in the first time, the optimization of image have not paid much attention, leading to late site experience is not very good, the website wants to have a very good ranking, almost is very difficult. In this paper, I will be full to talk about how to get a picture of the optimization for your site

content page is your website’s core place, if you can put the contents of the product page to do a website is very delicate, so the turnover rate will be greatly improved. Our case study of Taobao, if you go to the selection of goods, and browse several stores, but only one of the pictures that do very well, then you desire to buy will stop > 99%



some personal Adsense website when, for not too concerned about the site of logo production and they will think a picture logo is simple, beautiful and not beautiful no matter, there is no representative of what the meaning does not matter, and can own website business links does not matter. But, on the contrary, the optimization of the logo images, the script share the following:

optimization or slidesOptimization of the two

three, logo will let you try to do simple pictures.

two, logo picture to be beautiful, not simply to love Shanghai a picture, you do only one of the consequences will let others feel that you are a lazy person, so they will think your site is certainly not good to go.

occupies a large part of a web page, so the key is our optimization. As the site of the banner or slide, together they play is on the site of the core products exhibition. But many do Shanghai dragon friends, whether novice or veteran, will mistakenly believe that banner or slide the role of no great importance. So I want to give you correct this wrong idea, since banner and the slide is appear on the home page, and is at the very top of the website, so it was suggested that we do Shanghai dragon friends, when selecting banner or slides, pictures must be unique, don’t let them occupy an important position, but can not reflect their true value.


to add color!

logo, a representative of a certain meaning, can give visitors find everything fresh and new feeling.

content page image optimization


image optimization

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