The five error is most likely to appear in the Shanghai Dragon


said that although the Shanghai dragon is not very profound theory, a lot of master is to rely on practice to explore, and want to make a difference in Shanghai dragon to data analysis and independent analysis of issues, some of the many good methods are based on the Shanghai dragon try out, will not understand the rigid theory analysis of Shanghai Longfeng workers as it is difficult to have, in the analysis of the web site and some cases of success or failure, will find five errors below often appear in some website:

(2), often modify the template, because some new sites may in some art or function need to constantly improve, so will often modify the template, this approach to Shanghai dragon is very deadly, even tiitle, description ‘keyword are not modified, because the structure of net station changed, a search engine that will be a the new site needs to be included and rankings, or even drop right, this loss is very large.

(1) title, the number of key words, there are 2 main types of errors, one is completely without words, because some owners do not know much about the boss of Shanghai dragon, that tittle is a site name, with much other information instead of love, such as the Shanghai dragon boss often encounter. We all know the keywords in the tiitle is vital for Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, it must argue, otherwise it will for the future of Shanghai Longfeng laid mines; the other is tiitle keywords too much, how much is difficult to define, 10 or 20 as much as also because some Public opinions are divergent.. Successful accumulation of keywords is also very difficult to say whether this is harmful, but one thing is sure to push tittle with key words will certainly make the navigation bar is not beautiful, even in The first people can not understand the tittle will let people have no desire to click, the Shanghai dragon what meaning? I think the best way is to put some keywords to optimize the reasonable written words, words should not exceed 30 words, it should be able to take a lot of keywords. Can meet certain needs and Shanghai Dragon will be relatively more beautiful.

(4), beautiful degree and content of the site with the Shanghai dragon relationship "

(3), H1, H2, h3…… Wrong label use, because of the effects of these tags in the Shanghai dragon is very large, the correct operation is the main keyword appears in a H1 tag, a keyword appears in H2 tags, and so on, but many people will ignore this, the most important thing is not fancy, hidden keywords in these tags, but also a lot of hidden the user, the naked eye can not see, but this approach has been very fruit, now the search engine on the H1 tag search engine is very sensitive, hidden is cheating, sooner or later will be search engine punishment, if successful, it shows your good luck.

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