The analysis of Shanghai Longfeng essential data 2 the current ranking data comparison

, a sort of attention to conventional page

love Shanghai know can only solve the demand of the single question keywords, often the product key is not a single requirement, for example: we search for decoration company in Shijiazhuang []

actually, we think these pages on the front page of the row that users need a trustworthy decoration company, is the credit problem is not resolved, we see the row in the front page of the website, the content in the customer service service, what the construction security and so on, but not a very good solution, the content of these sites is too Department of Pediatrics, the user as a fool. Do you like shopping at Taobao, the seller said the product is very good, would you buy? We will see it user evaluation. The same reason, we also need third party evaluation.

platform, platform, platform, on the authority of well-known positive reports company (Sina, Sohu,

know love

two, non routine including:

enemy we can, the words used in Shanghai Longfeng ranking is also very appropriate. We do not follow the old Shanghai dragon ranking behind competitors go bottom, so we will be placed in sight. The analysis of the existing ranking data is each friend Shanghai dragon must have skills, analysis the competitor did not meet, and what users really need, so the user will love us, Baidu will in our heart, our ranking will also come up.

The degree of difficulty of The case of ?

(, website how to improve

1, Shanghai

(1) positive media coverage of our company


know and love love Shanghai Shanghai library ranked in the home, why the needs of a single page on the front page of

website (a domain) ranking, we should focus on, but we should also pay attention to the inside pages (love Shanghai know page) and very general see pages, these pages can really give us feedback from what users really need

a Dongdong Shanghai Longfeng update submission [data analysis in A5 (1)] — Analysis of drop-down and search, get a lot of thumb, this shows that the updated content is to help the case website [Shijiazhuang] after the green home decoration company, have also been adjusted by text content by contrast, the data of these days, we jump out of the rate down to 45%. But this is not enough, a combination of these, we must do the analysis of love is the key of ranking Shanghai home.

(2) > collection company


we want to collect the positive information, such as:


a keyword, to the combination of the existing ranking keywords love Shanghai home for comparison, should pay attention to the following:

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