Love Shanghai search keyword query tool today open to all sites

2, the new custom keyword search function, can set 50 custom keywords, to achieve focus on tracking target optimization promotion effect.


              the announcement is as follows:

1 website,

search keyword query tool feature highlights:


search keywords query function:

is for your popular keyword query website, show your website keywords more number of user queries in search results.

                network owners (admin5贵族宝贝) December 4th news today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement, after the beta version and upgrade online, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform search query tool keywords officially opened public testing. The webmaster only through the web site authentication, can use the tool to query data. Search keyword query tools to support the popular keyword information display, custom keyword query function. Shanghai had previously love upgrade link algorithm, the link, link or cheating crackdown, there are artificial manipulation of the chain will not be conducive to the website optimization. So the website construction of the chain and the user experience is becoming more and more important. More scientific and effective analysis of Web site keywords to web site operators.

The popular keyword information display

site after verification, click "Webmaster Tools" – "search keyword query tool, to view the website popular keywords information display in the tool page, at present the most support website showing the Top500 key to show the amount of clicks, CTR and Web links for example.

is pleased to announce that love Shanghai Webmaster Platform search query tool keywords after beta version and an upgraded version of beta, from today for all users of open beta, after all the site to complete the verification in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, can be free to use the tools of data query keywords website, welcome is committed to optimizing the operation website owners to use the tool to help the website operation. Keywords search query tool during the beta version and the upgraded version of beta has received a lot of valuable advice online users, this tool is open considering these suggestions, thank all to participate in the beta and put forward valuable suggestions of users, we also welcome to put forward their own proposals in the process of using the tool.

hits: a >

1, the maximum number of popular keywords extended to 500, will be sorted according to the number of keywords to show the amount of.

all the webmaster,

show is: show the number of your site search results when a user query keywords in

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