Using five optimization techniques to make your website more like a spider

if your site is a new sites, search engine spiders is not a day to visit your website habits, you need to regularly publish fresh content every day, to attract spiders crawl your page, in addition we still need to take more active measures to speed up, let the spider grab your web page the process of. In fact, we can use the high weights of the external links to attract the spider crawling on our website, Chinese optimization (love Shanghai) you can contribute to the weights of the forum, or reproduced to your Sina blog, English website optimization (Google) it can also be used in foreign Web2.0 blog platform and bookmark the chain the quality is good, even if submitted to some foreign news websites attract spiders, also need to remember is the use of the chain attract spider is a long way, "

three, on the release of the original articles for submission of operation

, a good site structure optimization, improve the search speed of

in the search engine spider’s eyes, the ideal state can be mapped to a "content" and "URL" is only the corresponding page, without duplicate content appear in more than one URL, so when the content of your pages more close to this state only if the page ranking more easy to climb. For the novice webmaster, my suggestion is that the total static setting, with the ban so that search engine spiders don’t crawl dynamic file meaningless, can realize every web page has a unique URL, issued a fresh and unique content, this effect is very effective, high quality original content can be released soon after immediately. It included, believe that the old webmaster is deep.


normally website language is static language, there will be conducive to the search engines, although the dynamic language can also be included in search engines, but the effect is not very good, especially for the love of Shanghai search engine. Some sites may be the last new construction, to get the trust and search engine rankings, generally require a longer period of time, and is very fast to search engine static page recognition speed, the index is also quite good, so for the novice webmaster, I suggest trying to do a static website, and we do the station need to write code, not wrong, the search engine into the maze or dead inside.

website is friendly to the search engine spiders crawl, directly affect the speed and quantity of the articles included, and even affect the site weight and ranking. Many owners have tried hard to write an article and an article of the original article, but the search engine speed is very slow or no reasons included, not included in the quality and weight factors in addition to the website, the website after optimization and page write promotion work whether do bits have great the relationship between the. Use the following five optimization techniques, will make your site more affected by the spider love.

two, the content of the fresh and unique URL

spiders crawl

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