The website of Shanghai dragon should pay attention to some misunderstanding

is currently a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel all have such errors:

6: Shanghai dragon Er there is a more important thing is that the Internet industry website resources or resources to optimize enterprise use, and how their peers or resources available sites for cooperation to achieve mutual win this more important

2: mining the long tail keywords associated with their products to analyze the effectiveness and skillfully applied to you later site optimization

error five: Shanghai dragon is the post everywhere to promote their website

find their short board

1: according to the establishment of new sites of course we have to carefully screened keywords and description for the existing site; you should be more analysis of the differences between the existing site and find out the advantages and disadvantages of peer site selection for

3: access to the data analysis of the website, find visitors interested and search habits, web access, entrance source chain to find the most popular focus on maintenance of

according to your marketing goals

error: Shanghai dragon is constantly writing key and description of

four is Shanghai dragon myth is because it is correct and wrong is that we must do, but I call it a myth is because to do this a few simple Shanghai Longfeng not can be completed. The ranking of a website or through the search engine to bring traffic whether these are Shanghai dragon need to do, now to talk about how to do Shanghai dragon

error four: Shanghai dragon is to write original articles updated website content


error three: Shanghai dragon is for the web site link exchange and increase the chain

website ?

with the development of the search engine, the enterprise gradually began to pay attention to the network market, so many companies have begun to set up their own businesses hire their own website promotion station and Shanghai Longfeng personnel, facing the optimization market demand surge and many people are engaged in this industry in Shanghai dragon. But if you truly understand the essence of Shanghai dragon

7: daily maintenance last website: >

4: the overall data analysis website snapshot, the chain, included such as site outside the chain every time you need to release the chain record label, you see those in the chain after the release included those not included, those who bring the chain to you who are not what traffic flow is higher, this classification can effectively the use of

I’m so

5: as Shanghai Longfeng Er our purpose is to bring the target customers for the enterprise or the customer, in addition to the search engine we also need to have other methods, such as the now popular micro-blog, news and events according to the speculation of the enterprises to explore ways to promote the effective

error two: Shanghai dragon is to rank

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