Shanghai Longfeng GA report Not Provided and Not Set


in this figure, is ranked first (not provided), quite garish.

however, when you select the Traffic report in Search – > Paid report, you will find in paid search engine traffic does not appear this (not provided).

Baidu Organic flow keywords, in general, can be captured, but noble baby Organic keywords >

is what mean?

understand this problem, is not difficult, with the Secondary dimension function can GA.

what is not provided? Are they who belong to traffic? Why?



can see, all (not provided) is a noble baby, with no Baidu, it belongs to the noble baby flow.



Not Provided



so, what is the meaning of Not provided

open the GA Traffic report Search – > Organic report, you can read Organic traffic on your web site data, as shown below:

Not Provided who is the flow of

meaning is clear, refers to those who really belong to Organic, but does not give you specific what is keyword flow.


at this time, all sources of keywords corresponding to the search engine will be presented in the report, are as follows:

as shown below, we have chosen to Secondary dimension in the Organic report: Source.

a lot of friends with GA monitoring in Shanghai Longfeng performance of his own, but for the noble baby Shanghai dragon, his nobility baby GA can not catch ability. Have you noticed that, in the GA Organic (referring to the search engine ranking natural flow, and paid search engine advertising traffic relative) report, Not Provided and Not Set this project? Do you doubt? This article helps you solve this puzzle.

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