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on the Internet and better quality of the flow is the accurate flow of what we call. This is the precise meaning to your web traffic is interested in the content of your website or product, these people come to your website so you can bring the sale, in order to achieve the real purpose of the deal, and the source of accurate flow is often through the site to help you do the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix keyword optimization, let users search you want some words more easily in a search engine to find and enter your website, you can also pay by way of advertising, for example: micro-blog promotion advertising, you can choose according to the advertising target group of customers, and love Shanghai or you can choose your bidding on the 360 to the promotion of the keyword, these to traffic to your website is your target customers, is the accurate flow, which can really help you improve the sales performance of the customers, and whether it is fine or pan flow Quasi flow customers come to your website after most of them won’t buy your products, because these users of your website and you have to have a sense of trust, so you should try to let users leave the Email data, which we mentioned [collect customer list], and after users they leave the data by Emai>


general quality of common traffic is not careful around users to your site in the Internet, may be to your website through your website external links or other methods, the flow is generally low quality of traffic, we sometimes called the " flow; pan "if you want to rely on a high price! The product sales in the flow, you will be very poor results, because the quality of the source of flow is uneven, and most of them are not accurate customer, can used to sell low-priced products, such as some of the basic necessities of life necessities, if you want to use this traffic thousand yuan to sell your even million courses. You will definitely be very disappointed, because the results will be very bad, this pan flow is like the ordinary website visitors, usually passing come around, may be short for a few seconds Even a few minutes will leave, and not what help for the website product sales.

understand the webmaster website is the most important thing is the flow, your site flow is equivalent to someone watching, someone in the website to see if your website can do further sales or promotion activities or your website information, so many people say the most important thing on the Internet is flow. Because the actual traffic flow = = network conversion rate, more traffic is indeed the site represented the website you see, if you just want to make money through the website flow within the site click on your ad, perhaps more will flow through the website click on ads to earn more money, but if your web site want to make money by selling products, perhaps the greater the flow does not necessarily mean that you can sell more products to earn more money, but you need to be accurate enough traffic to your web site, the flow quality is good enough! I think you will ask me what kind of traffic is how the flow of accurate flow? It is called a good quality

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