Shanghai Longfeng case how to put the word Shenzhen hair

to tell you the truth, I really do not understand my disciples to what, even once he does not blame the chain. But after 3 months, I thought. The search for "Shenzhen hair", the site has been to the home page, not only to the home page and the top 2 (or 1, 2 between the fluctuations, but not the site) to second, and when the search and price, Shenzhen Shenzhen hair hair hair, hair hospital costs in Shenzhen, as the LORD his hair it is also in the top 3, open the hair after it, is conducive to the hair transplant hospital reputation. Because he is the Lord, so you want to top top of the post. The 2 difficult things, let him get settled, I have to admire.

website is a hair transplant site in the Shenzhen area, the customer demand is when people search "Shenzhen hair", to appear in Shanghai love home, but also have a certain reputation on the internet. This is difficult, why? Because Shanghai dragon ranking and reputation is two kinds of different tasks. Shanghai dragon is ranked, reputation is a kind of promotion, in the difficult task of face to face, I don’t value as a disciple, I want to sit up and take notice of him.

Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, generally not only for ranking, also want to also take into account the reputation. Is the ranking and reputation that is victory.

first he frantically according to hair hospital information written many articles, and constantly writing, then, in the hair hospital website every day, let love Shanghai keep snapshots and updated regularly. At the same time, he went to the easy to Post Bar (legend noble baby), through all sorts of means, take the hair bar bar owners, after he made the hair hospital website in itself, it will immediately go to hair and a hair in the hair, it is the link with hair hospital.

according to my analysis, the hair transplant hospital had sex in Shanghai auction, but business has been tepid, so in front of Related words in Shanghai love search results, growth of the hospital business co.. Do Shanghai dragon ranking, only role is to allow the hospital to spend less for fee, the reputation of the role is to fill the blank of other factors of hospital business growth. Indeed, when I put the disciples of Shanghai Longfeng ranking and reputation make up at the same time, the hair hospital business growth several times. Add is that it can customize the Shanghai dragon title and description, so many words at the same time will also appear in the Shanghai love home, reputation is not good to blame. (source: suicune Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝shuijun Shanghai Longfeng贵族宝贝/ please indicate)

to do a small case of Shanghai dragon

my disciples had once a website optimization method, he Shanghai dragon unexpectedly and the vast majority of people are different, can be said to subvert the optimization model of Shanghai dragon all. How did he do it?

He took over the

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