Discussion on the relations between the new and old website optimization visitors visitors


(pictured on the website A data source: Shanghai statistical screenshot for the convenience of love everyone made a picture of


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this is our data most directly, of course, this data is just a love Shanghai statistical reference data, a lot of people will ask IP, accuracy of fixed broadband dial-up dynamic IP how to determine the new and old visitors? Of course, this is not the problem we consider, love Shanghai statistics are given only as a reference data of Shanghai Longfeng personnel the analysis of the above data! So that a problem, A visits, search volume are larger than those of B, but the new tenants and visitors into the old low! B search volume, traffic is lower than that of A but the new tenants into a large proportion of old visitors! Here I also invite you to think under this, what impact on our website

influence on the three: website traffic is difficult to increase too fast. An traffic like drops of water, if all the water droplets are dispersed, do not stay in the same river.


: a thought on the impact of enterprise promotion costs, website promotion expenses is for each enterprise is the most important intention of spending more and more, with fresh blood injected and the ability of less and less, it seriously increased the cost of enterprise website! Free of old and new users of the transformation and culture is our attention.

above 2 pictures, respectively, site A B, here I guarantee the authenticity of the data are the same time screenshots, types of Web sites are the same type! From above can be seen in Figure 1 ninety percent site traffic from search engines, new visitors IP:2698 old visitors IP:158. As can be seen in Figure 2: seventy-six percent website traffic from search engines, new visitors IP:1167 old visitors IP:536

influence on the two: website brand is difficult to improve, in a word, in order to achieve convergence of brand, a classic, everyone word-of-mouth site is old customers, old customers to make website brand reputation, the right to speak any of a product no longer at the end of the new user, but the user really old! The leading industry in China in the hundred years big enterprises to the brand, and also a sense of our website.

we all know now most of the sites we have to rely on search engines, we constantly optimization, continuously improve the traffic, when our website IP gradually increased at the same time we are immersed in the joy of victory, but we ignore the new data and old visitors increase visitors increased disproportionately data this is our thinking! The problem, so as a webmaster of our analysis of the data can not be ignored! Here I will simply discuss the relationship between the new and old website visitors visitors to

(pictured screenshot for the convenience of love Shanghai statistics look into a picture for the website B data source:


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