Stationmaster should be wary of the ten black hat Shanghai Dragon

pages and pages of the gate bridge is one of the black hat methods often appear before, as the optimization of time, bridge page will do a special page, all embedded keywords, and keywords are bold with hyperlinks to the home page, is to improve keyword occurrence rate, effect and scissors and fast, the method of comparison fast, but the search engine will be seized on this website.

Gate Bridge ?

some friends will ask what keywords camouflage? You probably choose a make up words, and cattle keywords wind horse the keyword content of your pages is extracted and the phase and not have to do up. The meaning is the search engine to see and users to see different things, so we must try to avoid.

two, camouflage

Keywords paid links

, three pages, page

paid links I would not have to say, we all know that paid links by means of black chain we buy, or buy the high PR friendship.


we do in Shanghai Longfeng, most of the people are to optimize the site by normal means, there are other people make effect want to hurry up, so I used some irregularities in the search engine, and quickly put the rankings do go up, but this ranking is not very stable, when the search engine that you use illegal means, the next search engine without mercy to your site in the search engine K, this method commonly called black hat, and now do Shanghai dragon market most people know that the optimization method has three kinds, one is the white hat is optimized by normal methods to do optimization, although the optimization time is relatively long, but when the rankings do go up, as long as the regular maintenance, it is difficult to come down, the second is red, also recently appeared a That approach, take some of the black hat search engine vulnerability to do discriminant optimization, the effect is up soon, and will make up the effect may not be K out by search engines, but the K website is still there, so the red hat is not very safe, the search engine is just the last judgment of illegal means I said, we all know that this method is called the black hat, but there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, do not know the black hat method which is possible, one not careful your site will disappear in the search engine, so this chapter I introduce some black hat methods which do not remind the proficient use, remind the novice don’t violate the well, said so much, to introduce what the black hat methods include, what are their characteristics of

, a hidden linksThe first black hat

firstly called hidden links, is to hide your connection in the code, but does not appear on the front page, this method has a lot of fancy new friends will go to trouble, if your site is to do after the hidden links, suggest you drive the hidden links in order to avoid the search engine removed, found K off your site.

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