How to choose the suitable initial construction site keywords optimization

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must choose and own site theme related keywords, we need to do on the ranking, but the keywords is not only bring us the flow, also need to bring value to us, which can be converted into money.

two, the degree of competition in a relatively small

Keywords Each

website optimization, a lot of steps, but choosing the right keywords is one of the key steps of the important, only select the right keywords, the next step will be more effective, otherwise you send the chain again, do the station optimization again good also talked of.

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ER Shanghai Longfeng all want to keep most people on the search keywords on the website title, obviously this is not realistic, the greater the amount of search keywords competition is greater, the greater the difficulty of optimization, optimization of the probability ranking is very low, even if we can optimize up, need to spend time it is very long.

with the development of the Internet, many webmaster in the choice of keywords are not too vague, but there are still a few when choosing keywords webmaster choice of words is very vague, no clear goal.

For example, our website is In

four, should pay attention to some of the keywords with regional

have commercial value

three, a clear

can choose the search volume is relatively small, relatively less popular keywords, such words can be said to be extended keywords, the optimization of the difficulty is relatively much easier.


car navigation, the choice of keywords can not directly do navigation, because the navigation site navigation, car navigation, GPS navigation, mobile phone navigation type very much, our website to do navigation or DVD navigation key words clear this subject.

enterprise website is certainly want to bring more orders for their companies, so we in the choice of keywords was to consider whether the keywords with commercial value and commercial value of the site even if search volume is very small, one day a user search to find you, as well as >

site is selling mobile phone, you put the key into the entertainment news, such words although it is easy to bring traffic, but the conversion rate is low, that is to say the economic benefits is very low

, the air conditioning maintenance keywords as an example, the key is a regional, if you want to find some air-conditioning repair company, will be in front of the area with keywords, so that users find the information they need to be easy to find, if only "air conditioning maintenance" that should be some are like learning. If you are doing the repair, if the word "air conditioning maintenance" is obviously not suitable, also does not conform to the mentioned second points.

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