How to mining in Shanghai Longfeng English

long time do English Shanghai dragon and foreign Wangzhuan project, in the relevant forums (domestic English Shanghai Longfeng Forum) will often see a lot of people on the website of the keywords is not enough. The reason is very simple, the language barrier and the cultural difference. Chinese Shanghai dragon, we set up a website keywords, even if not to analyze competitors, not to see the noble love Shanghai baby trend index, slightly experienced site personnel, a circle of brainstorming, can come up with a large number of accurate keywords. From the user perspective, we can put as sure as a gun. However, English Shanghai Longfeng, we identified in the industry, but for foreigners absolutely ignorant of concern.

His method of looking for keyword

1. to


wow gold the wow gold will search keywords, cost wow, gold guide and other words, more refined words, adjectives more abundant.

(2) in the search for

users have to understand the market, the wow leveling 80-85 guide, XXX WOW (price) gold review (product review), w>

For example, This paper is mainly about the

(3) decided to buy the search phase

users to search for informationKeywords

improve the website keywords income, which is the core of our website. So how to determine the sales terms, we need to find the users are most concerned about, can cause the most buy keyword.

we use the popular website wow gold for example. This site was very hot, the people in the English Shanghai Longfeng do better industry station. The main sales of gold wow.

to share with you today, although think English is pretty good, in this industry also mix for a long time, but I speak method is absolutely fool version, suitable for all domestic operations in Shanghai dragon. Don’t think of English level, we are not foreigners, will perform in other ways.


set your website industry, requires the main keywords, website on the long tail keywords, keywords to determine the column. The method is very simple, is through the noble baby keywords tools to achieve, but the noble baby keyword tool is usually not accurate, this is the experience, one of my site keywords, do it first, but the flow is noble baby 10%, this is very normal. With noble baby Wonder Wheel to further mining. This step is completed, you can get a list of words.

mass, at this stage the user search such as wow, list of, wow tips, wow trick and so on. These key competitors very much, not be considered.

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