Love Shanghai How to optimize the search rankings Do you want to know

with the Internet technology continues to progress, to meet the diverse needs of users, since the January 17, 2014 Shanghai love Webmaster Platform LEE released on "into the era of pictures", declared the search engine has been from the original text search into the image search times, for this progress more fully meet the needs of users search experience requirements.


share with you before we look at the following:

above is an illustration of a security industry website content page, when the search keyword "video surveillance" users love Shanghai pictures, the figure in the first show that what is the reason for having such a ranking? It is the webmaster friends as well as in the Shanghai dragon Er people want to know. Here do not know if you have noticed that when you put the mouse cursor to the picture will be displayed on the "text" and "domain name" and the picture size. This Yang Zi think it should be on the search engine website pictures and match the current theme and content page topic correlation and the capture index database, while the images >

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform LEE released into the era of reading pictures "after numerous websites in Shanghai in search of love by showing pictures of search results, the more intuitive to let users understand the search results page if needed for himself, but also enhance the user experience. As shown below:

Since The

enhanced user demand for pictures, now there are many webmaster optimization direction also turned to the optimization for pictures, all want to love Shanghai through image search to get good rankings and get another entrance flow. In the first two months there are a few pictures of friends want to do optimization ranking optimization to find me, called Yang Zi Shanghai dragon to help them do pictures of course not behind because the remuneration is reasonable, there is no deal, but the main reason is that money does not want to be so bitter, the work pressure is quite large the. Good gossip, we just cut to the chase.

talked about the optimization of the picture in the view of the Yang Zi Shanghai dragon and its web page optimization is similar, have the meta attribute of the element tag. Optimization is a picture is TDK, but for the majority is as content with pictures to illustrations which enrich the contents to make users more understanding of the meaning of the content page is intuitive, efficient and accurate. At the same time for search engines to the page will have priority potential, but for the image search if the content page configuration pictures are scarce, pictures do enough to clear, and the content of the page so the picture is closely related to the theme index for construction after some relative to the poor quality of the picture is to obtain priority ranking the opportunity. The following is Yang Zi Shanghai Longfeng with a security industry website for examples and we simply share the picture in the page is how to optimize the.


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