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read an article yesterday, tells the story of a fully understand what is Shanghai Longfeng webmaster enterprise website bigger and stronger. He will not understand statistical analysis data processing extension do not understand marketing, but the website to do, what is the reason?

so what should we do website optimization

we all know that Shanghai dragon is a search engine optimization, also is to search engine optimization and, well, everyone began to deal with all kinds of search engines to match up, study method, chain, station group, pseudo original…… There are countless people one after another in this way, especially in the medical and training industry, have this done, various methods can think and can use the means of using the. It is not difficult to imagine the consequences of doing so is how the search results with "information rubbish by Shanghai dragon" optimization of the final, the whole industry into extinction. Love Shanghai recently launched pomegranate algorithm, algorithm are Scindapsus this increase efforts to combat.

mentioned above, a fully understand web site optimization company website administrator to achieve industry leadership, by what? I think it is UEO (userexperienceOptimization), user experience optimization. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon should be a higher level of the realm. We do search engine optimization, but have not thought about the meaning of the existence of a search engine? Yes, is the user experience.

What should we do ?

so, then we should be how to operate? The old snail that based on website optimization must be done to search engines, will give the website ranking points, and is also the most important website, webmaster should be more focused on the content of the construction of

What is the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon TO UEO

such as home theater network (www.fuhess贵族宝贝) optimization, always is to optimize the user experience, imagine the user, classification clear, communication times show, to improve the marketing effect and can reduce the communication cost of visitors, not disturbing, to provide users with a >


various operating practices about web site optimization will not say, the Internet is everywhere, it is said.

search engine is for people to use, if your site is by some means to deceive the search engine recognition, ranking is very good, but the user is the user look a mess, the feeling of being deceived, directly off the site, or even the next time you see your website title or domain name are not in click, instead, some websites may be very general, but the content of the website is very attractive, even if the search rankings after users are willing to look into. These search engines can be counted in the course of time, who in the row in front of the search engine "heart".

website optimization

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