Knowledge business canvas concerns about knowledge consumers Annual consumption amounted to 450

‘s intellectual products came to mind, and in December, sales of columns were over one hundred million. Li Xiang in December on the internal business more than eighty thousand copies; Li Xiaolai had earlier access to the wealth of The Freedom Trail in one hundred thousand copies; five minutes Liu Run business school had fifty thousand copies; fifty million is a day in December 3rd Himalaya FM income. So the knowledge directly realized, money can be realized.


knowledge electricity supplier;


China Internet early childhood education industry ecology map

first, what is the knowledge economy;

? Got a subscription column for synchronous content;

1 can knowledge be realized directly?

the entire Internet industry, including BAT drops, Ctrip, the United States Group reviews, these companies have done a great deal. But the company that sells knowledge has not done very much. In fact, the matter itself has great doubts.

, the Institute of SAT is a course.

first introduces several basic concepts:

‘s concept of the knowledge economy includes:

? Content entrepreneurship?

because the knowledge of each product is different, so this topic is difficult to say.

The concept of

Internet knowledge economy

China preschool education industry chain

each family does not the same.

0-6 years old young children with the increase of population, the problem of aging, lack of professional nursing human resources is outstanding, so far the kindergarten in the garden of nearly 47 million 500 thousand people, three years of pre-school gross enrollment rate has exceeded 80%. To 2020, China’s kindergarten in the garden cooked, is expected to break through 55 million people, pre-school three years admission rate will also exceed 93%.

3 will it become a big internet knowledge company in the future?

preschool education industry data analysis


? Himalaya sells audio,

and today we discuss two parts:

? What LIVE is doing is knowledge lectures, live broadcast, and subsequent Self Publishing;


preschool education industry data analysis

China’s Internet preschool education several of those things


throughout the world, the infant education industry is booming, and the leader has both industry innovation and integration ability. This time, we will analyze the development of preschool education industry in China, in order to provide reference for everyone.

China’s Internet preschool education several of those things

1 knowledge realization four platforms;

shlf1314 is a typical knowledge company, which can be searched through

in recent years, as a result of many factors, preschool education has entered a golden age. With the full implementation of the "two child" policy, the future state funding for pre-school education continues to rise, private education will usher in opportunities for development, national income and willingness to pay will increase, giving birth to exuberant educational needs. The infant industry in our country is scattered at the moment, and the leading brands are still waiting for the whole, but there are more and more new models to transform the traditional preschool education, and capital is also constantly sought after.

VC Insights VC SaaS is a market analysis of the brain, by VC SaaS and enterprise name card together together to create the whole network, real-time monitoring and public data and many partners to exchange data, and analysis of the venture capital industry data to quantify and multi dimension.

is 9 carbon society proposed by Feng Xin. Wu Xiaobo’s Wu Xiaobo channel, Li Shanyou’s chaos society, fan’s book club and Luo Zhenyu’s mind.

two plays a role in the process of knowledge commercialization.

knowledge realisation;


since 2015, China’s young children 0-6 years old population has grown from 108 million up to 114 million people in 2020 is expected to exceed 125 million people. The soaring population of young children has benefited from the opening up of China’s overall economic environment and the two child policy in recent years.

development trend of Internet preschool education market in China

at present, China’s total annual household consumption of preschool education has exceeded 450 billion yuan, and by 2020, it is estimated to exceed 600 billion yuan.

2 knowledge economy four big coffee.

Internet has a characteristic, if one thing all feel feasible, there will be countless companies to do the same thing at once. At present, knowledge products in this direction, we have not yet found a unified direction. Why are users willing to pay? Not yet.

report aspect

Three problems of

Himalaya, know almost, in line, answer, Rom thinking get.

China’s Internet Education through the rapid development of mobile Internet, and now the market size has reached 200 billion yuan. Pre >

2 what is a knowledge product?

knowledge sharing economy;

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