How to tap the precision of long tail keywords

above is five mining methods of long tail keywords are used to love Shanghai, drop-down box, search, inquiry platform, competition, exchange platform, through the bidding website reports the five points to obtain precise long tail keywords.

fourth points, through the exchange platform to get the long tail keywords

first, use the drop-down box and love Shanghai love Shanghai search


love is either know or ask the Shanghai search or Sina answers, when you search for a keyword will be listed with the keywords related problems. Which is a long tail keywords. These are some long tail keywords you want to know the representative.


website for difference this is not false, but we learn a good competitor with this to make the difference is not contradictory. Statistics can be a lot of competitors website, and then record the long tail keywords all competitors website system and then proceed to the screening, screening out the words are long tail keywords more accurate.

auction website user search keywords is what these data, we will integrate these data and will appear in a number of long tail keywords.


third, to obtain precise long tail keywords using

fifth points, to get through the auction website long tail keywords

second, the Q & a platform to get the long tail keywords

through the website statistics background can be found to do a little better website is mainly through a lot of long tail keywords to get traffic and not the main keywords. We usually in the operation of the site needs to continue mining the long tail keywords and then content to the site to drainage consolidation. How to do accurate mining long tail keywords. Following death mining long tail keywords.

and build a communication platform, related websites such as QQ group, yy. And then the usual record all the more interested in the problem. For example, the Hefei real estate. Set up a QQ group, real estate information and record the usual questions of interest to everyone everyone interested, so long so you will get a lot of long tail keywords, and then release these long tail keywords to the site.


method is commonly used in a. This method to obtain the long tail keywords are indeed accurate, but strictly speaking can not be counted as a long tail keywords, this word is more difficult to optimize.

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