nfluence of URL parameters on the search results

because the search engine is changing every day, so as not to opportunistic and therefore be punished, so The loss outweighs the gain.. The URL, www.mengxx贵族宝贝 operation I muddle headed brand, as parameters is reduced to a minimum, but in sales and popularity ranking in is also very headache, have good attention to a friend, you can communicate with me.

love Shanghai "DHC120ml"



this I think Taobao guest friends may wish to try, with their Taobao PID customers to promote links submitted to Google, while obtaining more traffic. But this is only speculation, but in practical application, we should still pay attention to avoid:

read the title, you won’t go, because the little Shanghai Longfeng people know: the URL parameter less, love Shanghai and the Google website optimization guide are clearly illustrates this point. Then in practice, but not necessarily so. Look, I accidentally found:


Google search results

comparison of two images, we can find that love Shanghai in the search results before the three, from the authoritative websites, such as the United States, Alibaba, love Shanghai open platform, Google search results are the top three from Taobao. Wait, did Taobao customers of Google search results in second and third of the familiar, that is, with the Taobao PID customer promotion link.

What is the Taobao

PID guest promotion link? Generally speaking, Taobao PID is just off tracking promotion of commodity information, remove the PID promotion page does not have what change, that is to say that PID is not essential for the search engines. From the description given Google spider and page preview, page two is exactly the same, so I can boldly speculated that Google in the screening of URL meaningless parameters, there are still some defects. Taobao shield love Shanghai spiders, so can not see the love whether Shanghai can screening meaningless URL parameters (I will do some test).

2, the use of too broad page name, such as page1.html;

is too long and contains independent parameters and session ID URL;

3, excessive use of the key word, such as baseball-cards-baseball-cardsbaseballcards.htm.

1, the use of


search results

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