Two dead, one injured when plane crashes into North Carolina home

first_imgWTVD-TV(HOPE MILLS, N.C.) — Two people died and another was injured late Thursday when a single-engine plane slammed into a home in Hope Mills, North Carolina.The pilot and one person in the home died at the scene, according to a statement from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. A third person “with serious injuries” was rushed to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville.Those three individuals have not been identified, authorities said.The State Highway Patrol was securing the crash site until the arrival of investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration.The cause of the crash is not yet known.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Emails reveal extent of Unaoil’s influence in Iraq as bribery trial continues

first_imgUnaoil’s access to inside information was an ‘excellent advertisement’ for potential clientsThe SFO alleges that before the formal tendering process for these projects had begun, Al Quoraishi in 2008 leaked the provisional vendor lists to Unaoil – documents which included the names of suppliers and contractors that would later be approached by Foster Wheeler to bid for different projects in the Iraqi oil expansion.This enabled Unaoil to add friendly suppliers, remove hostile ones and make early approaches to those with which it wished to collaborate.The “inside information”, Brompton argued, was an “excellent advertisement” for the firm – demonstrating the value of its services to potential clients.Rather than taking “Ivan” on as a Unaoil employee, the consultancy’s executive team instead decided to pay him a retainer for his services within the beating heart of the ICOEEP – with emails showing this began at $2,000 per month but later rose to $6,000 per month once his influence began realising material value in securing new clients. Unaoil sought to capitalise on Iraq oil expansionThe corruption case, which got underway at Southwark Crown Court in London yesterday, is being brought by the UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO), which has been investigating allegations of bribery by Unaoil and its associates since 2016.The events took place against the backdrop of Iraq’s efforts to rebuild its crumbling oil and gas infrastructure in the wake of the US-led invasion, and overthrow of former leader Saddam Hussein.A “master plan” infrastructure project was announced in 2007 to boost crude exports from 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd) to 4.5 million bpd.Prosecuting on behalf of the SFO, Michael Brompton QC said the emails, most of which were seized by Monegasque authorities, provided a clear, real-time account of “the conspiracy in action”.He said: “Well before the ‘master plan’ was published, it was well known that money was to be made available for an ambitious expansion scheme, and Unaoil started to position itself to take advantage of the opportunities likely to arise.“It set about making friends and influencing people – the most important of which was Oday Al Quoraishi, who was for Unaoil a most important man.” In a UK corruption trial, prosecutors for the UK Serious Fraud Office have detailed how former Unaoil associates gained influence over tenders for Iraq’s oil expansion Ivan: ‘Our man in Basra’Al Quoraishi – who also became known by the codename “Ivan” – was the key figure for the firm, occupying a senior role within Iraq’s South Oil Company and who the SFO says “sold information of a confidential nature” to Unaoil about the projects that were the subject of the oil expansion plan.Mr Brompton said there was “considerable informal contact” between Al Quoraishi and Unaoil’s Iraq country manager Basil Al Jarah – who has also been the subject of the SFO’s investigations and pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to make corrupt payments – with a “good relationship” developing between 2005 and 2007.The prosecutor claimed Al Quoraishi’s willingness to get “fully on board” with Unaoil’s plans to manipulate the future tender process led to a job offer to work for the firm full-time – to become “our man in Basra” as Al Jarah put it.But Al Quoraishi was ultimately to remain at South Oil Company and take on the role of project manager overseeing the entire Iraqi oil expansion project – one where he would be much better positioned to “exert influence on behalf of Unaoil”, argued Mr Brompton.He added: “Al Jarah’s judgement as to Al Quoraishi’s usefulness as an SOC employee was correct. “From this time on, in return for the money he was paid by Unaoil, he advanced Unaoil’s interests and fed it a stream of privileged information which gave Unaoil and its clients a considerable advantage over their competitors, enabling it in due course to win out over those competitors.“The first important stage in that long and complicated process was the provision of vendor lists for the various ICOEEP packages.” A friend in a nest of vipersAnother key figure in this drama was Dhia Jaffar Al Mousawi – referred to by the nickname “Lighthouse” in the emails cited by the SFO.He was the director-general of SOC until 2015, when he was promoted to become Iraq’s deputy oil minister.Jurors heard how Al Mousawi – a “longstanding” associate of Unaoil from at least 2005 – was described by Al Jarah as being “politically well-connected”, holding private meetings with the Iraqi prime minister when visiting Basra.News of his appointment to SOC director-general in 2008 was celebrated among the Unaoil hierarchy, with an email from founder Ata Ahsani calling it “fantastic news” that would “change the dynamic” for the company in Iraq.Mr Brompton said the help given to Unaoil by “Lighthouse” – mostly face-to-face meetings in which information was exchanged – led to him being described by Al Jarah as a “friend in a nest of vipers”.A $1,500 wall-mounted TV and string of shopping trips worth between $1,000 and $2,000, the prosecutor added, were “unlikely” to have been the only sweeteners he received in return for his assistance.The trial continues. Three former Unaoil associates are on trial for corruption in IraqThree British nationals – Ziad Akle, 45, Steven Whiteley, 65, and Paul Bond, 68 – are charged with conspiracy to make corrupt payments in Iraq between 2005 and 2011. They all deny any wrongdoing.They are accused of influencing a $1.6bn tender process – overseen by UK-based engineering firm Foster Wheeler – in which supplier contracts for single point moorings (SPM) equipment, as well as two oil pipeline upgrades, were awarded to Netherlands-based SBM Offshore and Singapore-based Leighton Offshore respectively.Akle was Unaoil’s territory manager for Iraq. Whiteley was Unaoil’s general territories manager for Iraq, and formerly a vice-president of SBM Offshore. Bond was a senior sales manager for SBM Offshore. Al Basra oil terminal in Iraq (Credit: Wikimedia Commons/US Navy/Samuel W Shavers) Unaoil executives developed a “formidable team of friends in high places” throughout southern Iraq as it positioned itself to fraudulently manipulate a tender process for oil infrastructure projects in the country, jurors heard in a bribery trial.Powerful associates included a project manager and a director-general for South Oil Company – Iraq’s state-owned oil business tasked with overseeing a major project to more than double the country’s crude export capacity in the years following Saddam Hussein’s fall from power.A series of emails between senior employees and associates of Unaoil, the Monaco-based energy consultancy at the heart of a sprawling international corruption investigation, were read out in court today (24 January), detailing the ways the company set about “making friends and influencing people” in the country.This included pocket money for globe-trotting shopping sprees, high-end TVs and nights spent in luxury London hotels.Unaoil, which acted as an intermediary between Iraqi officials and corporate clients looking to do business in the country, has been accused of paying $6m in bribe money to senior government officials to land two separate industrial contracts worth $800m as part of the Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project (ICOEEP).last_img read more

Foothills Foray

first_imgForay – n. 1. A sudden raid or military advance 2. A venture or initial attempt in some field.The definition for foray seemingly has two distinct meanings, an aggressive and decisive approach and a more tentative, laid back approach. My mindset prior to completing the 77 miles of the Cherokee Foothills Trail was see-sawing back and forth between the two. Could I break the existing FKT (fastest known time) by Matt Kirk or would this be an “initial attempt” at the record?I had only attempted one FKT-type run prior to my Foothills Trail effort last weekend. It went well but this run was to be longer, tougher and would require much more patience than I’m used to putting forth. Announcing such things, like setting a new speed record, is sort of like putting it out there prior to a race that you are gunning to win. I was apprehensive and had much respect for this trail as I know it has been a conundrum to complete by many runners in one push.My wife dropped me off at Table Rock State Park in the early morning hours. I had to walk in a mile from the locked gate just to reach the trailhead. The weather was near perfect with temps in the low 30’s but a bit breezy. I got going quickly as there is no point of wasting time when you are by yourself in the dark. If anybody in their right mind was up at this hour and looked up at Table Rock they probably thought that somebody had put a new road on the mountain. I was wearing three headlamps, one on my head and two on my waist, so I’m sure the glow of light could be seen for miles.The first section of this trail is almost ten miles of climbing up to the top of Sassafrass Mountain, the highest point in SC. This section seemed to pass by quickly and uneventfully except for the grouse that freaked out at my presence. My subsequent scream could be heard for miles as well. After summiting Sassafrass the trail drops back down another five miles to the start of the Laurel Valley section. I reached the start of Laurel Valley in 2:49 which was slightly ahead of my schedule. Anne gave me my needed supplies for the next thirty-five miles, as there is no crew access within that portion of the trail. This section is tough for many reasons and not seeing a soul for hours and hours is a mental battle. I chose not to have anyone pace me as I feel that takes away a bit from the true essence of attempting a speed record. I made the choice to refill my handheld water bottles from side streams so as to not have to wait for iodine to work its magic. Over the next couple days I’ll see if this gamble was worth it.I completed the strenuous Laurel Valley section in 6:19 which kept me well under the record going into the last twenty-nine miles. A lot of runners drop after climbing up the long stretch to the parking lot at the end of LV. At this point, runners are spent and have have not seen anyone for hours. The nearby civilization and a comfortable vehicle seem to beg one to climb inside and call it a day. I knew the temptation would be strong so I quickly got my aid and forged ahead. The next five mile section is rather tough because there are still a couple more miles of climbing before a nice descent back down to crew at Sloan Bridge. I was feeling pretty rough on this section as my stomach started to reject the taste of anything. The thought of consuming gels or anything solid was going to be a struggle from this point forward.The next couple sections are only three to four miles in length, allowing one to get the feeling that one is actually making progress to the end of the trail. I managed to eat an energy bar which took me over thirty minutes to choke down and then I had my go-to fuel which is Ensure. Lots of calories and no chewing which is about all my stomach can handle after hours and hours of running.I reached the point of the Chattooga River section which is over ten miles in length and anyone who has run this section will swear it is much longer. I’ve heard it referred to as the Bermuda Triangle. It is rather technical with lots of roots along the river and it just drags on and on which is why it took me right at two hours to complete. The movie Deliverance was filmed in this area so I had the added mental anguish of thinking about how that all played out. The fear of a banjo cranking up in the woods kept me moving to my goal of seeing Anne and the last six mile section to the finish in Oconee State Park.The last section was a blur. I felt nauseated every step and I somehow just kept pushing ahead. I was red-lining for what seemed like hours and it would have been so easy to back off the pace in order to feel more comfortable. However when I’ve succumbed to this temptation before I’ve looked back on my effort and regretted not hammering it all the way to the finish. When exhausted it is easy to let the mind trick one into slowing down. However I know when looking back there is nothing like giving it your all and the feeling of a total and complete effort.The last mile felt like an eternity. I was getting lightheaded and was running on fumes, as all I could take in was plain water at this point. Finally I saw a purple blur up ahead and heard a big hooray! If anyone knows my wife Anne, her favorite color is purple. I have never been so happy to see the color purple and the terminus of a trail.My finishing time was 14:26 and I’m extremely satisfied with setting a new FKT by well over two hours. This was a near perfect day and I’m thankful to be able to look back with no regrets. I usually dissect my running accomplishments and find ways to pick apart my effort. It won’t happen this time.Foothills Trail – 77 milesApproximately 16,000’ climbShoes – inov-8 Roclite 295’sFuel – GU Roctane gels (15), GU Brew electrolyte drink, Ensure (3), energy bars (2)last_img read more

Colombia: Alleged narco-trafficker arrested

first_img BOGOTÁ, Colombia – Jesús David Echeverry Trujillo, an alleged narco-trafficking member of the Junta Directiva de la Mafia gang, has been arrested, Gen. José Roberto León Riaño, director of the National Police said. Echeverry Trujillo, who was apprehended at a ranch outside the city of Girardota in the department of Antioquia, is suspected of working closely with narco-trafficker Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, who was taken into custody last week in Venezuela. Echeverry Trujillo allegedly has connections to several of Mexico’s most powerful narco-traffickers, including Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán and the Beltrán Leyva brothers, Riaño said. Police also arrested 10 of Echeverry Trujillo’s alleged bodyguards and seized an array of weapons. Echeverry Trujillo initiated a series of battles to commandeer narco-trafficking in northwestern Colombia by fighting Erickson Vargas Cardona, the alleged leader of Los Urabeños who was recently apprehended. By Dialogo October 04, 2012 [EFE (Colombia), 02/10/2012; El Espectador (Colombia), 02/10/2012; El Nuevo Herald (Colombia), 02/10/2012]last_img read more

Why your child’s education might be permanently changed

first_imgAdministration staff say there’s been only one situation similar, and the district is still recovering from it. On top of cuts already made, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced if New York does not receive $61B in federal funding, 20% cuts will be made to schools, hospitals and local municipalities. Harpursville Central Schools Superintendent Michael Rullo said not only could these cuts come mid-year, which makes planning for them more difficult, they would completely change our educational system. “Back in 2013, we were going through the Gap Elimination Adjustment, which was where the state had given us state aid and then was taking some of it back and the impact of that, we still haven’t recovered,” said Karry Mullins, assistant to the superintendent of the BCSD. “We lost well over 22 million dollars.” For more information on how to vote in your specific school district, click here. (WBNG) — While the coronavirus pandemic has only been around for a few months, its effects will be felt for years to come in local schools. The economic damage caused by the virus has forced drastic cuts in state funding. The Binghamton City School District says it had to make up $2.5M as a result in cuts to state aid. Because of this, roughly 25 positions were eliminated, although some are slowly being hired back. “I don’t even know how we offer something called education, in any way shape or form,” Rullo told 12 News Monday. “I hope we don’t have to figure it out.”last_img read more

Adriatic Squid Days as a great example of how tourism is developing

first_imgThis year, from December 1, 2018 to January 6, 2019, the restaurants of northwestern Istria are hosting the Days of Adriatic Squid, a gourmet event that seeks to valorize the extraordinary squid from the Adriatic Sea and raise awareness of their value in the kitchen.This gourmet event, in addition to being an additional motive for visiting northwestern Istria (Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla, Buje) during the Christmas holidays, seeks to valorize the extraordinary squid from the Adriatic Sea that is fished in the winter. It aims to raise awareness of their value in the kitchen and encourages caterers to devise new, creative recipes based on this seafood.”With this gourmet event, we want to valorize and present the Adriatic squid, a top local food that is the most delicious and best to prepare at this time of year, and is part of our rich gastronomic culture. Adriatic Squid Days are an additional motive for visiting northwestern Istria during the Christmas holidays, and in addition to enjoying the delicacies specially prepared for this occasion by the chefs of famous restaurants, visitors will surely enjoy other beauties offered by northwestern Istria.”, said Milovan Popović, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Umag.That homemade squid is truly a great snack that can be prepared in the traditional way, but also through new interesting combinations will be shown by the chefs of seven restaurants who have designed special menus for this occasion at affordable prices. In restaurants Melon i Nono in Umag, Vili Vilola in Savudrija, Astarea in Brtonigla, Lux Casino Hotel Mulino i Rondo in Buje and San Benedetto in Novigrad, visitors will be able to enjoy the culinary delicacies and rich flavors of Adriatic squid, all combined with local wines and top quality olive oils. Find out more about the gourmet event Adriatic Squid Days on the official website websites.With emphasis on Adriatic squid, not the one from Patagonia, which in combination with modern cuisine are presented in an attractive way. And that is exactly the key to success and the very essence of tourism. Selling an authentic story.“Never forget who you are, what you are and where you come from, nor forget your knowledge of local products. I would not want Croatian chefs to make the same mistake as Italian or Spanish, who try to satisfy tourists and forget the tradition”Said French chef Lionel Levy with a Michelin star in Osijek after the workshop organized by the CNTB, where he literally opened the eyes of the audience and showed how local food can make a top presentation of dishes that belong to the very top of world cuisine. You just need to add innovation, presentation creation and respect local ingredients. The combination of tradition and modernity, that is the main message, and that it is certainly possible, he presented in a practical way – perk from the fish in an innovative and different way.”It is important to protect and defend the recipes of your ancestors, otherwise they will get lost. Defend the recipes of your ancestors!Levy concluded. A strong message from chef Lionel Levy that can certainly be interpreted as the philosophy of the whole tourism because that is exactly the very meaning of tourism. People travel to get to know new ways and culture of living, and authenticity is the very essence of tourism. We seem to be ashamed of our history, traditions, identity, way of life, etc.… we have to start respecting ourselves, so that others can respect us, and the tourism workers who create our tourism product are not aware that this is our biggest advantage, our incredible diversity. and authenticity. We constantly strive to be some copies, and figuratively we sell French wine to the French.That is why the Days of Adriatic Squid, as well as all other gastronomic events and tourist stories, were small or large, which respect the tradition of extremely important, long-term sustainable and a real signpost in which direction our tourism must develop. It must be our main tourist product – our authentic story. We can learn so many lessons from this example, and the most important one is to stimulate the local economy, which is the meaning of tourism, to increase tourist spending and disperse to as many participants as possible at the local level, not to finance imported products. Photo: Colors of IstriaIt is insane to import potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, lettuce, squid, etc.… We are destroying our economy and our resource and we are only dealing with form through rental tourism, not content. And that is not sustainable in the long run, which we can see day by day in any of our tourist destinations. Everyone loses, and even hotels in the end because the motive for coming is not accommodation, but diverse, quality and authentic content.Because I wonder why someone from Zagreb would come to Istria to eat “Zagreb steak”? Of course not. This is exactly what they are aware of in Istria, and the most important interest of the guests goes in favor of that, so from year to year the event attracts more and more guests from the entire region. Top quality and authenticity – this is how tourism develops and the tourist season is extended. Learn from the better and successful, learn from Istria.last_img read more

COVID-19: North Sumatra residents deny Chinese fishing vessel permission to dock

first_imgResidents in Pulau Sembilan village of Langkat regency, North Sumatra, refused to allow a Chinese fishing vessel to dock at a local port on Sunday over fears of COVID-19 transmission.The MV Cheung Kam Wing initially planned to transport grouper fish from a local fishing company in the regency but eventually changed course over fears of a backlash from the residents.One local, Misnaldi, said residents had never prevented foreign fishing vessels from docking before, but said they were concerned the crew could transmit the disease. Langkat Police deputy chief Com. Delami Saleh said the situation in the area had calmed after the ship changed course.”It is now under control. The locals were reluctant to let a Chinese fishing vessel dock because they were concerned the crew might carry the coronavirus,” Delami told the Post.Langkat is one of several regencies in North Sumatra that have been categorized as “green zones”, or safe areas, amid the COVID-19 outbreak.Langkat COVID-19 rapid response task force spokesman Muhammad Arifin Sinaga said no confirmed cases had been recorded in the regency so far. (nal)Topics : “We’re worried that foreign crews could transmit COVID-19 to the locals. This is the reason we are denying foreign ships entry to Pulau Sembilan,” Misnaldi told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.Misnaldi said he was baffled by the government’s decision to still allow foreign ships to enter Indonesian waters, especially as it had asked residents to stay at home and had enforced a mudik (exodus) ban to curb the spread of the virus.Read also: COVID-19: KM Kelud put in quarantine in Medan after crewmen test positive”It’s not fair, foreign citizens are allowed to enter the country, while Indonesians are forbidden to go anywhere to curb the spread of COVID-19,” he said.last_img read more

Governor Wolf Announces Tech Met Expansion, New Jobs in Washington County

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Governor Wolf Announces Tech Met Expansion, New Jobs in Washington County Jobs That Pay,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf announced today that Tech Met, Inc., a custom and standard chemical milling company, will expand operations in Donora Borough, Washington County, a move that will result in 41 new, full-time jobs.“We commend this employee-owned business for its renewed commitment to manufacturing in Pennsylvania,” Governor Wolf said. “Tech Met’s success as a niche manufacturer will lead to new jobs and the reuse of an old facility and we look forward to its continued growth.”Tech Met, Inc. will purchase the former PolyOne Corp. site on East 8th Street in Donora Borough, in anticipation of new process work for Bell Helicopter and increased demand for existing services to Barnes Aerospace. Tech Met will continue operations at its facility in Glassport, which is currently at capacity. The company has committed to making an investment of at least $5 million on the project and has committed to creating 41 new, full-time jobs and retaining 35 existing positions over the next three years.Tech Met received a funding proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development that includes a $200,000 Pennsylvania First program grant and $34,850 in WEDnetPA funding for employee training. The company has also been encouraged to apply for a $1.4 million low-interest loan from the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority.“This acquisition will enable Tech Met Inc. to further expand its existing operations serving the aerospace, defense, and medical industries,” Jim Ringer, chief financial officer and general manager, Tech-Met, Inc. said. “The assistance of the Department of Community and Economic Development, the Governor’s Action Team, and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce have been invaluable in helping our company to remain in the local area and provide positive employment and growth opportunities for the community.”The project was coordinated by the Governor’s Action Team, an experienced group of economic development professionals who report directly to the governor and work with businesses that are considering locating or expanding in Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Washington County Chamber of Commerce.“We are excited to welcome Tech Met, Inc. and its considerable investment to Washington County,” Jeff Kotula, president, Washington County Chamber of Commerce said. “This expansion is the exact kind of advanced manufacturing company we need in the commonwealth to insure our long term economic success and add to the continued revitalization of Mon Valley communities such as Donora.”Tech Met, Inc. is an employee-owned, custom and standard chemical milling company producing products for industrial, aerospace and medical industries. Founded in 1988, Tech Met’s work on high temperature titanium and ferrous alloys has been its primary focus. The company also conducts a variety of related processes including pickling, passivation, and HIP can removal. Tech Met has been involved in a number of process development efforts for special etching, chemical-milling, and surface preparation applications and hold a patent for surface texturing orthopedic implants using chemical milling. The company is headquartered in Glassport, Pennsylvania.For more information on Tech Met, Inc., visit more information about the Governor’s Action Team or DCED visit Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: April 08, 2016last_img read more

This year’s most expensive home sales on Bribie Island

first_imgThe home at 22 North Point, Banksia Beach sold for $1.525 million. Picture: supplied.If you are curious to know how much buyers paid to own a luxurious slice of Bribie, here are the island’s highest sales of 2019. A look at Core Logic sales data shows Bribie Island’s 10 most expensive home sales of the year were all in Banksia Beach with seven located on Cosmos Ave and Raptor Parade, both of which offer properties with prime waterside blocks. The priciest pad of 2019 was 22 North Point, Banksia Beach, which sold for $1.525 million in July. Inside the home at 22 North Point, Banksia Beach. Picture: supplied.The 500sq m home is on a big canal-side block with wraparound pool and an 11m pontoon with power and water. The two-storey home has a home theatre, an indoor-outdoor bar and barbecue area and a master suite with oversized ensuite, walk-in wardrobe, library and balcony.The second highest sale was 82 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach, which sold for $1.35 million in September. The home at 82 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach. Picture: canal home, the property has a pontoon, a swimming pool, a two-storey home with spacious rooms and a separate pool house with toilet, shower and kitchenette. A home three doors down took out the number three spot, with 88 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach selling for $1.295 million. The 1041sq m property has 17.9m of canal frontage, a pontoon and an infinity-edge swimming pool. Inside, the home has four bedrooms, three bathroom, open-plan living spaces, formal lounge and dining rooms and plenty of water views. The pool and outdoor area at 88 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach. Picture: supplied.Rounding out the top five were a four-bedroom home at 22 Raptor Pde, Banksia Beach that sold for $1.23 million and a three-bedroom property at 58 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach, which also went for $1.23 million. Woorim recorded two million dollar sales and there was one million dollar sale in Bongaree. The home at 26 Pumicestone St, Bellara. Picture:$1.1M – 13 South Esp, Bongaree$960,000 – 43 Pentas Drive, Bongaree$925,000 – 85 Pentas Drive, Bongaree $1.525M – 22 North Point, Banksia Beach$1.35M – 82 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach$1.295M – 88 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach$1.23M – 22 Raptor Pde, Banksia BeachMore from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus10 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market10 hours ago$1.23M – 58 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach$1.1675M – 16 Raptor Pde, Banksia Beach$1.16M – 76 Raptor Pde, Banksia Beach$1.15M – 23 The Peninsula, Banksia Beach$1.15M – 2 Skysail Ct, Banksia Beach $1.15M – 40 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach Bribie Island’s most expensive home sales of 2019 Banksia Beach$1.525M – 22 North Point, Banksia Beach$1.35M – 82 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach$1.295M – 88 Cosmos Ave, Banksia Beach The bar and barbecue area at 22 North Point, Banksia Beach. Picture: supplied.Bellara $615,000 – 26 Pumicestone St, Bellara$580,000 – 123 Sylvan Beach Esp, Bellara$530,000 – 15 Bellara St, Bellara Most expensive sales by suburb The home at 13 South Esplanade, Bongaree. Picture: Patch$958,500 – 114 White Patch Esp, White Patch$905,000 – 78 White Patch Esp, White Patch$475,000 – 84 White Patch Esp, White Patch The home at 114 White Patch Esp, White Patch. Picture:$1.05M – 64 Boyd St, Woorim$1M – 97 Arcadia Ave, Woorim$920,000 – 56 Boyd St, Woorim Inside the home at 64 Boyd St, Woorim. Picture: read more

Stallbaumer scores first win in second night at Thunder Hill

first_imgMAYETTA, Kan. (Aug. 9) – Ladies Night at The Races brought out a large crowd once again at Thunder Hill Speedway Saturday night. Kyle Stallbaumer didn’t race at all last season. As a matter of fact, the BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modified driver was almost looking at missing all of 2014, as well, until he decided to make his return one week ago. Stallbaumer only needed one night to settle in as he drove to victory Saturday night. He made his way around Justin Becker in lapped traffic to score the win.Chad Shaw sprinted into the lead early in the Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Northern SportMod feature. He led the distance to become the seventh different winner in the division this season.Another new victor was found in the Bad Boyz Bail Bonds IMCA Hobby Stock division. Nocholas Ronnebaum held off Tyer Hinrichs in lapped traffic to earn his first win of the season.The other new winner on the night was Art Herzog in the Casey’s General Stores IMCA Sport Compact division. Herzog battled Austin Umscheid early before taking the lead for good and going on to the win. The only repeat winner on the evening came in the Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Car feature. Eric Rempel worked the high side past Brandon Conkwright to drive to his second win of the year.last_img read more