Choosing the right boots

first_imgThere’s much to admire about Nike football boots these days: the looks, the beauty of the colouring and design, all fuelling the desire of aspiring footballers.However, there’s more to the boot than meets the eye. Say, for instance, if you’re the regular-sized baller who dribbles a lot, Nike’s specifications will not be the same for a player whose game is more akin to passing, or the usually sturdy fellow that stands in the centre of defence and largely on the full sole of his feet, generally playing the ball with the side of the boot.It’s all part of the technological innovations for comfort and enhancing one’s game, as explained by Pedro Boyd, Nike’s head of sports marketing and player sponsorship regionally; and Simone Jackson, the woman in charge of marketing at Locker Room Sports, a local carrier of the Nike brand.Boyd, along with Michael Bookbinder and Eliado Mitre, are members of a Panamanian-based Nike team that conducted the coaching exercises at the two-day Red Stripe Player Development Workshop Programme – in conjunction with the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) and its league sponsors Red Stripe – at the Barbican playing field.”Each shoe has different characteristics and each player has different characteristics, so we have four shoes that fit those characteristics,” explained Boyd, who is responsible for signing a number of top Reggae Boyz to the brand, including new rave Leon Bailey, who recently signed with German Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen.The Nike official further explained the other type of recently crafted top-of-the-line football shoes.MODELS OF SHOE”One is the Majista, which is like Iniesta’s shoes. This one is made for mainly control on the ball.”Then you have speed, which is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mercurial. That’s another test we did,” Boyd continued, while listing the branding with their world-class signings. “Then we have the Tiempo, which is for more long passing, more feeling of the ball, more accuracy; and last but not least, we have the Hyper. This is a trial for Wayne Rooney’s shoes that is more for accuracy when shooting towards the goal.”One pair of each boot was handed over by Boyd as a gift for four of the Red Stripe Premier League players who participated in the drills at four stations, all designed for play suited to the boot’s specifications.Jackson expounded qualities of the brand and Locker Room’s role in educating its customers.”As Locker Room Sports takes part in this Nike camp, we are carriers of Nike and what we do is we offer quality boots.”The players need to learn the right boot for the right position that they play. Many a times, there is talent, but the tool that is being used is causing the talent to not come out as effectively as it can.”last_img read more

District of Taylor Council approves revised Open Air Burning Bylaw

first_imgTAYLOR, B.C. – At a District of Taylor Council meeting on Monday, following three readings, Council gave final approval to the District’s revised Open Air Burning Bylaw.The Bylaw had been revised following a recommendation for further review during a meeting in July.One of the changes to the Bylaw was the required parameters for having a firepit on a property. Council felt that the required parameters of six metres between the fire pit and objects was too great of an area and would automatically ban most residents from having a small fire in their backyard.- Advertisement -The required parameters, for the most part, has been reduced down to two metres.Now that Council has given the first three readings and has given final approval, the revised Bylaw is now adopted.last_img read more