December 11 2009 image 3D rendering of Lean Lin

first_imgDecember 11, 2009 [image: 3D rendering of Lean Linear City approach to NUDGING SPACE Arcology]. This continues our report from 12/09/09. Nudging Space is an Arcology (ARChitecture / ecOLOGY), Paolo Soleri’s concept of cities that impinge minimally on their natural surroundings while trying to maximize the cultural, educational and economic benefits of urbanity. [3D rendering: Youngsoo Kim & text: Cosanti Foundation] [image: Soleri original sketch of NUDGING SPACE Arcology, 2001]. The design characteristic of the Nudging Space arcology is the APSEDRA (the tall center cluster of structures.) Their shape is reminiscent of an artichoke whose upper part and choke have been removed. Its blades are largely separated but remain attached at the base. [image & text: Cosanti Foundation] [image: NUDGING SPACE Arcology model, built in 2000 by planning intern Estefania Villamizar]. The overall form of Nudging Space is intended to create various micro-climatic environments within the building envelopes. To do this Soleri utilizes the concept of “garment architecture” to moderate thermal and lighting conditions. The hot season garment is opaque, providing shade while the cold season garment is transparent and transmits the solar energy and traps the heated air. Furthermore, its curved space offers a focusing convergence that may encourage positive human interaction. [photo: tt & text: Cosanti Foundation] [image: NUDGING SPACE Arcology, part of LLC model, built in 2009 by Beijing Center of the Arts, photographed at the exhibition]. excerpt from Soleri paper “Two Suns Arcology: Nudging Space, 2000.” [“ “] NUDGING SPACE “The name is in reference to the hypothesis that reality is made of metamorphosizing space, the becoming, and of the registration in full of such metamorphosis which the past is, the being. Nudging space refers to any event or sequence of events that even infinitesimally make being inch closer to its own resolution in the space-less conclusive singularity of duration, i.e. total recall, i.e. the self-revelation of reality.” [photo: tt & text: Paolo Soleri] [image: Computer rendering of NUDGING SPACE Arcology]. “The fact that architecture is so full of space makes for nice but pure accidental resonance. Everything is space in constant self-reconfiguration, be it a sub-particle, a super nova, a chicken egg, a person, a passion . . . evolution, the condition of man, the imagined, the factual . . . man’s body-brain.” [CAD rendering: Youngsoo Kim & text: Paolo Soleri] [image: Computer rendering of NUDGING SPACE Arcology]. “Space is the minimalism (non-reductionistic) hypothesis, the lean hypothesis. It disposes of time, future, dualism, animism. Disposing of dualism and animism means dropping the creator-creature, body-soul, brain-mind, matter-spirit, means-ends dualities. Each disposal and each drop adds to the prodigiousness intrinsic to the becoming: the primeval elementarity of reality developing into a potential and (perhaps) eventual graceful conclusion.” We continue this report on 12/14/09. [CAD rendering: Youngsoo Kim & text: Paolo Soleri]last_img read more