King Mohammed VI Proud of Morocco-Saudi Arabia Bonds

Rabat – King Mohammed VI has addressed a congratulatory message to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on his country’s 88th National Day.The King expressed his “profound pride” in the bonds of sincere fraternity and mutual esteem “which bind us personally and unite our two royal families.”The King also expressed pride in the level of relations existing between the two countries, based on fruitful cooperation and active solidarity. The monarch also expressed his determination to work to reinforce bilateral relations to reach “higher levels” between the two countries.In August, the monarch invited Saudi Arabia’s King Salman to visit Morocco. The invitation was conveyed through the Moroccan Hajj delegation in Mecca.King Salman also sent his greetings and esteem to the King and the Moroccan people, emphasizing the ties of “fraternity linking the two royal families and the solidity of historical relations between the two peoples.”Saudi-Moroccan relations strained?Some citizens and analysts speculated that there was tension between the two countries after Saudi Arabia’s decision to vote for United 2026 in the 2026 World Cup host vote in June instead of Morocco.Saudi Arabia angered Moroccan football fans further when it campaigned against Morocco’s bid in favor of the North American dossier before the vote.Morocco’s neutrality in the Gulf crisis between the Saudi coalition and Qatar incensed the general sports authority chairman of Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh.Al Sheikh took to his Twitter to blame Morocco for losing Saudi Arabia’s favor because of its neutrality.Al Sheikh tweeted, “Some people went astray. If you want our support, you should seek it in Riyadh. What you are doing is wasting your time. Now ask the pseudo-state to help you,” referring to Qatar.Also increasing speculation of tension was King Salman’s decision to summer in Neom in Saudi Arabia, instead of Morocco.Known for spending his summer holidays in Morocco, the Saudi King summered in Neom to inaugurate a project to create more job opportunities in the technology sector and tourism.Morocco also decided not to participate in a meeting of communication ministers from countries in the Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen on June 23 in Saudi Arabia.Morocco’s Minister of Communication Mohamed Laaraj said that the country decided not to attend the meeting due to a “busy agenda.”The decision came a day after Saudi Arabia voted for United 2026. read more