Moroccan Army to Strengthen its Surveillance Along Border with Algeria

Rabat – The Royal Armed Forces (FAR) have announced plans to build ten new surveillance posts on the Moroccan-Algerian border in order to reinforce security in the kingdom’s eastern provinces. The border surveillance centers along the frontier with Algeria are designed to counter several threats, including drug smuggling rings, migrant traffickers, as well as to prevent infiltration by terrorist elements in the region, according to Moroccan newspaper Al Massae.The new centers will be equipped with sophisticated ground and air surveillance equipment that will include 33 border surveillance cameras that will be operational around the clock, seven days a week.In October 2017, Algeria announced the construction of a border wall along the Moroccan-Algerian border, intended to fight contraband smuggling and trafficking as well as to strengthen the country’s international security.The announcement was made only a few days after Morocco announced its intention to launch its first reconnaissance satellite.Algeria’s is also building new monitoring posts along the shared border region between the two countries, including posts near the Moroccan cities of Oujda, Berkane, Taourirt and Jerada.Morocco’s new border observation centers will be operational next April, allowing Morocco to increase the level and quality of internal security and border surveillance, added Al Massae. read more