Fix Your Face In 20 Minutes with the Only Sheet Mask You’ll Ever Need

first_img The Best Netflix Food Documentaries to Savor Right Now Editors’ Recommendations Save Your Eyes from the Scourge of the Screens with the Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses for Men How to Remove a Tick: A Simple Guide to Safely Getting Rid of Ticks Typically, we aren’t big fans of sheet masks here at The Manual. More often than not, we prefer clay, mud, or charcoal masks because sheet masks tend to be incorrectly sized, too flimsy to stay on properly, and require a little more work than reward.With Port Products Marine Layer Intense Recovery Treatment Mask, though, we might have to eat our words. This sheet mask not only renews, refreshes, and revitalizes the skin, but it also provides a very, very visible difference in tone, clarity, and redness before and after application.But first things first: What separates this sheet mask apart from most others is the fact that it is a gel — not paper — mask. Gel has the distinct ability to cling to the skin more readily (even over facial hair!) and is more comfortable to wear. Another point in favor of the gel base is that it seems to hold a lot more serum (the goop that contains all the good stuff) than paper-based sheet masks — that’s key if you want your face to absorb as much of that goodness as possible. The mask itself is made from advanced bio-degradable coconut, so it’s also environmentally friendly.Marine Layer Intense Recover Treatment Mask – $44See ItAnd what kind of goodness does this miracle sheet mask contain? Like Port Products Marine Layer Eye Gel (which we love so much we named it our best eye cream in The Manual Grooming Awards 2018), the Marine Layer Intense Recovery Treatment Mask contains red algae, kelp, and peptides that help to revive the skin while reducing dark circles and minimizing fine lines. Barley seed reduces irritation, redness, and works to even out skin tone while red seaweed combined with sodium hyaluronate (a moisturizer) restore skin firmness and smoothness.How does it work? Simply pull out one of the sheet masks from the four-pack, massage it gently to distribute the serum within, remove from the packet, discard one paper backing, apply to face, then discard the final paper backing. Sit back and relax as the sheet mask works its magic for up to half an hour as you enjoy the cooling and tingly serum doing its work. Once time’s up, simply remove the mask, massage the rest of the serum into your skin, and admire your refreshed and revitalized mug.The sheet mask is just as effective at night as it is in the morning, so feel free to apply before bed and then hit the hay, allowing the leftover serum to continue doing its work overnight. If you’re looking a little rough in the morning and have a big meeting later in the day, slap on a mask and wait for it to work its wonders. The Best Travel and Adventure Documentaries on Netflix Right Now 16 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now last_img read more

New Argentina treasury minister guarantees peso stability

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentina’s new treasury minister says he’ll do everything to guarantee the stability of the peso after the local currency’s recent crash.Hernán Lacunza also said Tuesday that the government will meet commitments with the International Monetary Fund that Argentina took as a condition to get a record loan from the IMF.Argentina is struggling with an economic crisis.Conservative President Mauricio Macri recently lost in a primary election by a wide margin against centre-left Alberto Fernández.Macri’s loss and fears of a potential return to interventionist policies by a leftist administration hit markets, crashed the peso currency and sent stocks and bonds tumbling.Lacunza officially took over the post Tuesday after meeting with Macri. He’s replacing Nicolas Dujovne who brokered the IMF deal and announced his resignation over the weekend.The Associated Press read more